fiberCorActive’s Active, Passive, Attenuating and UV- Fibers are designed to meet the requirements of leading edge high-power amplifier and laser applications. Active active fibers are available in different geometries and rare-earth dopants. Full range   of of Infrared Transmission (IRT) optical fibers to address beam delivery requirements in the mid- to far-IR region. We    offers optical modules and sub-assemblies based on  active and passive double clad fibers. Sub-assemblies are offered in different configurations to meet specific customer requirements.

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Simulation Software


fiber1Aadhunik Informatics has established a partnership with RP Photonics Consulting GmbH and can thus offer powerful simulation software from that German company.
 RP Fiber Power can calculate various properties of fiber modes and simulate the evolution of optical powers and fiber amplifiers, fiber lasers and ASE sources.
RP Resonator is an advanced resonator design tool, which is particularly suitable for designing laser resonators.
 RP ProPulsecan simulate the propagation of ultrashort pulses in mode-locked lasers, optical parametric oscillators and fiber devices.

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Optical Equipments & Components


fiber2Chalcogenide Glasses, Nanomaterials, Coating, Raman Spectrometers, LASER/LED Light Sources, Fiber Optiv and LASER Components, Mechanical Splicers, Terahertz Camera Module, Device package and MEMS Feb Services by Agiltron.

High-performance, cost-effective power monitors, VOAs, optical switched, CWDMs, compact EDFAs, full-function EDFAs, ASE source, polarization controllers, special WDMS, Cutting-edge thin film filter coating for applications in telecom, medical imaging, spectroscopic instrumentation, Raman lasers, high power lasers and spectroscopic instrumentation from Lightwaves2020 have been designed and manufactured to the high standards of accuracy, performance and reliability. In addition to the high performance, ready to use standard instruments, we also offer custom design, integration and manufacturing services to develop solutions that best answer your needs.

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EPABX & Electronic Safety Systems


aThe advancement of civilization witnessed better and improved means of communication & security systems being implemented by humans. Techonological revolution of modren age has resulted in concept of home/premises communitation & security finding widespread popularity.

Communication is basic human requirement and everybody wants a perfect communication system. Everyone worth his salt thinks of protecting his hard earned possessions. We at Aadhunik Informatics help our customers to provide the best solutions to protect their assets.

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