Lasers / LED Light Sources

Wide Wavelength Selection, Many Types, Highly Cost Competitive, Ultra-High Performance Electronic Controllers

Since its inception in 2000, Agiltron has been perfecting ways to make lasers and to make them inexpensively and massively. We offer a wide range of fiber light sources that provide unsurpassed performance, low cost, reliability, and delivery advantages.

laserFiber Coupled FP Lasers


laser sourceFiber Coupled DFB Lasers


laser sourceFiber Coupled FBG Lasers


laser sourceFiber Coupled LED Source


laser sourceBroadband Laser Source


pigtail Fiber Pigtailed Laser Diode Modules


aseASE Light Source


uv Solid State UV Light  

Optic Components


Agiltron produces proprietary optical glasses with advantageous properties.   Based on these materials and advanced production processes, Agiltron manufactures optic components of lower cost and high performance.

Bendable Optical Fibers

New family of low bend loss multimode fibers and low bend loss fiber jumpers.

GRIN Lenses

Ion exchange glass rod lenses

Infrared Lenses

Molded aspheric lenses

Precision Glass Tubing

Various sizes with a few mm diameter control


Designed for fiber optics application