Infrared Detectors

ird PbS Detector(1-3 um)    (Download PbS Detector Datasheet)

ird PbSe Detector (2-5 um) (Download PbSe Detector Datasheet)

arrayPbS Array   (Download PbS Array Datasheet)

array PbSe Array (Download PbSe Array Datasheet)

SPALAS Coating System




•Precision Thickness Control
•Ambient Operation
•Wet-Chemistry Coating
•Conformal Coating
•Ease of Scale-Up
•Low Cost

Automated SPALASTM coating system is developed for a new type of nano-enabled optical coatings. SPALASTM coating is a wet chemistry layer-by-layer absorption process, based on chemical or electrostatic interactions between the material building blocks. The coating machine allows the applications of optical grade coatings on various substrate materials, including plastics and glass. SPALASTM coatings possess has advantages over traditional vacuum or sol-gel based coatings, including unparallel low cost, small space requirement, ease to use, and scalable to very large size. SPALASTM coating technology has a broad range of applications, including solar panel light absorption enhancement, anti-reflection of optical surfaces, IR optical coatings, anti-fog coatings, and other nanostructured multi-functional coatings.

nozzleAdjustable nozzle set

syringeIntegrated syringe pump (Part A of precision solution delivery system)

application kit Application kit for solution delivery (Part B of precision solution delivery system)