Device Package Services

Agiltron provides customer Device Package Services. Examples:

1. High Temperature Fiberoptic Devices (Up To 250 Degree C)
2. Fiber To Laser Coupling (Up To 20W)
3. Vacuum Device Package (Sensors)
4. Optical Window Package (UV To LWIR)
5. Low Cost Optical Package (Fiberoptic, Discrete Optics, Imaging Optics, Medical Optics)

Reliability Test Services


Agiltron provides in-house Reliability Test Services, featuring fast turn-around, low cost, and close customer interaction.

1. Telecordia
2. Mil-Spec
3. Aerospace
4. Out Space

Optical Coherence Tomography


Agiltron provides customer optical device design and fabrication. 


Ultra probeUltra Miniature Fiberoptic Probe For Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT)

OCT ScannerMiniature, Rapid, And 3-Dimensional OCT Scanner


MEMS Feb Services

Agiltron Operates A 6" MEMS Foundry And Specializes In Novel Design
  From preproduction to high volume production.
  Design, Simulation, and Consulting
  Testing
  Package
  From complete devices to single process steps.Our processes includes:
Deep Reactive Ion Etch (Bosch process)
Photoresist Removal and Release (Ashing)
Electroplating of gold, platinum, copper, nickel-iron
Sputtering and Evaporation
PECVD (silicon nitride and silicon dioxide)
5X Stepper with resolution down to 0.5 μm

Why Choose Agiltron?
  With over 10 MEMS PhD professionals and technician specialists
  Cost effective
  Result oriented
  Open communication
  Commitment to Quality (ISO 2001)
  Statistical Process Control (SPC)
  Commercial production expertise
  Experience (hundreds of person years and twenty years of facility experience)
  Favorable IP position, if you pay to develop a process, the process information is yours to use at another foundry
  Dr. Guido Zhong and Dr. Amit Ghosh, Email: