Simulation Software


RP Fiber Power is a powerful software for designing and optimizing fiber devices – in particular, fiber amplifiers and lasers, but also passive fibers:

  • The mode solver can calculate the amplitude profiles, cut-off wavelengths, propagation constants, group velocities and chromatic dispersion of all guided fiber modes based on a given radially symmetric refractive index profile.
  • For fiber amplifiers and lasers, the software can simulate the activity of laser-active ions – even with freely defined level schemes and transition processes. The user can define many optical channels for pump waves, signals and amplified spontaneous emission.
  • Apart from calculating steady-state power distributions in amplifiers, lasers and ASE sources with high reliability and an amazing speed, it is also possible to simulate the dynamical behavior – for example, of pulsed amplifiers or Q-switched fiber lasers.
  • The software can be easily used by filling out the interactive forms. Enormous flexibility is provided by the powerful script language, allowing you to process your input or output data in essentially any manner.
  • The software comes with comprehensive documentation: a carefully worked out PDF manual and an online help system.

This software is a must-have for anyone seriously working on fiber devices – be it scientific research or industrial development. Your productivity and competence will greatly benefit from this tool and the competent support. The software is also an excellent educational tool.
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RP Resonator is a powerful software for analyzing and designing optical resonators – in particular, laser resonators:

  • It can calculate a wide range of resonator properties from the resonator design: not only mode radii, but also alignment sensitivities, chromatic dispersion from geometric effects, Gouy phase shifts, frequency degeneracies of resonator modes, etc.
  • The software allows for powerful automatic optimization via freely defined figure-of-merit functions, taking into account whatever resonator properties are relevant for you.
  • Due to the powerful script language, you can, e.g., parameterize resonators in convenient ways, create all kinds of diagrams, write outputs to text files, etc. This enormous flexibility is essential for practical work, and probably not found in any competing product.
  • The input wizards form allows you to generate the script code for common resonator types. For others, just modify the script code accordingly.
  • The software comes with comprehensive documentation: a PDF manual and an online help system.
  • Competent technical support is included in the license fee, and the support can also be used for general technical consultancy on pulse generation and propagation.

Anyone working seriously with solid-state lasers should have this software in order to use optimized resonators, which are crucial for best performance. For example, make sure that your resonators have appropriate mode sizes and are not excessively alignment-sensitive. Having this tool together with the competent support, you will experience a boost for your productivity and competence.

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RP ProPulse can numerically simulate the propagation of ultrashort pulses, in particular

  • In the resonators of actively or passively mode-locked lasers
  • In synchronously pumped optical parametric oscillators
  • In optical fibers

A number of special features make the software very handy and powerful:

  • The software can take into account a wide range of effects acting on the pulses, including wavelength-dependent and/or saturable gain and losses, chromatic dispersion of arbitrary orders, and a wide range of optical nonlinearities. It is possible, for example, to simulate pulse shaping in mode-locked lasers or supercontinuum generation in photonic crystal fibers.
  • Via the nice interactive pulse display form, you can easily check all kinds of pulse properties at different locations in a mode-locked laser for example, also varying the number of resonator round trips. Also, you can display spectrograms and Wigner plots.
  • Due to the powerful script language, the software is enormously flexible. You will hardly find this in any competing product.
  • The software comes with comprehensive documentation in the form of a detailed PDF manual, explaining not only the handling of the software, but also the mathematical representation of pulses and similar important details.
  • Competent technical support is included in the license fee, and the support can also be used for general technical consultancy on pulse generation and propagation.

RP ProPulse is an essential software tool, whether you develop mode-locked lasers, parametric oscillator, or fiber-based devices for spectral broadening of pulses. Simulate in detail what happens to the pulses, and gain a deep understanding by playing with this handy modeling tool.

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