Leading Fiber Optic Switch Innovator and Producer

Since its inception in 2000, Agiltron has been perfecting ways to make fiberoptic switches and to make them inexpensively and massively. We strive to become the industrial leader in optical switches, offering unsurpassed performance, cost, reliability, and delivery advantages.




NxM System:

Unique Features:  Latching, Multimode, Low Loss, Low Power, Low Cost, Highly Scalable

Descrete Switches:

Uniquely Features: Protection Bypass, Channel Selection, Aerospace/ Outspace Compatibility, Undersea Applications, Testing, Large Diameter Fibers, Spectrometer Fiber Switches, Low Loss, Low Power, Low Cost


Based on multiple cutting-edge technology platforms, Agiltron offers a wide breadth of fiberoptic components at the most competitive prices with industry leading performance. These products feature unique performance attributes:

Lower Loss

Made with fiber inline beam shaping and advanced packaging techniques, our fiberoptic components are low in optical insertion losses.


Agiltron offers a wide range of agile reconfigurable fiberoptic components.  Agiltron's CrystaLatchTM fiberoptic switches feature sub-millisecond fast response, fail-safe latching, and direct TTL control. Agiltron's NanoSpeedTMfiberoptic switch/VOA/splitter have ultra-fast ~50ns response time and low loss<1dB performance.

Higher Reliability

Using patented non-mechanical light management technologies, we produce several families of solid state reconfigurable fiberoptic components that do not have wear-out mechanisms and are insensitive to vibrations. These agile components are qualified for aerospace and out-space applications. Our non-mechanical switches also have a proven high reliability for use in continuous optical monitoring applications.

Wider Spectrum

We offer unique fiberoptic components covering wide operation wavelength range from 400nm to 8 micron. Agiltron's short wave isolators are in large volume production. Agiltron's broadband switches are well suited for bio-tech applications.

Higher Power Handlings

With a breakthrough beam expansion design, all of Agiltron's products can be ordered with 5 to 20W high optical power handling capability. We also offer high power collimators that can deliver optical power up to 100W.


Fiberoptic Components